We provide, at no charge, jobsite, classroom, at your location, technical training sessions covering the industry’s leading technologies and methodologies, which address sub-grades, bases, asphalt pavements, pavement repairs and preservation, and roadway survey, monitoring and evaluation programs.

  • Roadway/Pavement Survey and Management Program
  • Hi Pi Soil Issues, such as 3-D Swell and Ettringite
  • Innovative solutions for stabilizing sub-grades and bases addressing Hi Pi Soils
  • Ambient temperature – no heat required – road solutions
  • Hot Mix Modification technologies producing better pavements more economically
  • Pavement Preservation Technologies – such as Bio-based asphalt rejuvenation
  • Innovative Concrete and Asphalt Repair materials using recycled plastic and polymers
  • Utilizing Scrap Recycled Ground Tire Rubber to make better asphalt pavements
  • All-weather patching materials for asphalt and concrete surfaces
  • Address all phases of roadway construction from sub-grade up through final riding surface

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