Southwest Envirotx Partners LLC is a Texas and Oklahoma DOT vendor and supplier of innovative, cutting-edge, materials and technologies for highway/road construction, maintenance and pot hole repair.  We specialize in products which have a much smaller carbon footprint, are safer to use and perform better than traditional materials – more economically.  In addition to unique products used in initial construction, Southwest Envirotx Partners LLC provides a wide array of preventative and corrective maintenance materials to a variety of Industrial and Commercial Property Development, Mining and Oilfield Operations, and governmental entities, such as DOTs, Counties, Cities, etc., etc.

SealFleX™ 6690

SealFleX™ 6690 is a single-component, ready-to-use, ultra-low modulus, pourable, neutral cure elastomeric emulsion which exceeds the performance and durability characteristics of hot melt ASTM D6690 sealants.

Gator-Aid® GO

Gator-Aid® GO is the only crack filler and surface sealer in one. An asphaltic emulsion blend of mineral fillers, recycled shingles, plasticizers and HDPE fibers designed specially to fill wider cracks.