Cold Pour Crack Seal/Fillers and Surface Sealers


Southwest Envirotx Partners LLC is a DOT vendor and supplier of innovative, cutting-edge, materials and technologies for highway/road construction, maintenance and crack filler. SealFlex 6690 for asphalt and Flex Crete for concrete are both cold-pour, ready to use, fast curing crack seals/fillers that will get your crews up and running with inexpensive equipment and NO HEATING REQUIRED. Gator-Aid Go is a crack seal, mastic, and surface sealer in one. All three products are TXDOT approved.

SealFleX™ 6690

SealFleX™ 6690 is a single-component, ready-to-use, ultra-low modulus, pourable, neutral cure elastomeric emulsion which exceeds the performance and durability characteristics of hot melt ASTM D6690 sealants.

listed on the TXOT MPL under the hot melt spec

Gator-Aid® GO

Gator-Aid® GO is the only crack filler and surface sealer in one. An asphaltic emulsion blend of mineral fillers, recycled shingles, plasticizers and HDPE fibers designed specially to fill wider cracks.

Flex Crete™ Crack Sealer

Flex Crete™ can be used in new highway construction or as a remedial or repair sealant in old construction. It provides a lasting and flexible seal with the ease of installation of self-leveling pourable materials.

Crac Shot™ Drum Pump

The Crac Shot™ Drum Pump is a double diaphragm-Teflon lined pump capable of moving 100+ K.U. adhesive liquids through a ½” discharge system and redirectional emulsion enhancement system.

About Envirotx

We provide products, and technical services, covering the full spectrum of building and maintaining the working platforms, which support all travel surfaces, up through the final driving, walking, and performing surfaces. More specifically, we address issues related to sub-grade and base construction and maintenance, asphalt and concrete pavement construction, pro-active preventative maintenance, reactive corrective maintenance, real-time, professional grade, roadway surveys to collect road quality data to monitor road degradation over time – enabling proactive vs. reactive road maintenance, and Technical Training Services.