What is Down-Hole Clay Stabilization? 

IntegriFluids makes sure you’re maximizing your productivity and preventing cost increases with Envirtox IntegriFluids clay stabilization fluids. Migrating fines and the swelling of clay is costly. Our product prevents Clay Swelling and Fines Migration by exchanging cations in clay and shale to reduce their susceptibility to absorb and react with water. Our highly effective clay stabilization is for use in fracturing and other well interventions. Compatible with all known kill, acidizing, and fracturing additives.

Available for: Totes, Truckloads, Rail Car Quantities

Physical Properties 

Specific Gravity : 1.30 ± 0.02
Boiling Point: 107.22°C

Density : 10.85 (lbs/gal) ± 0.25
Hazardous : N/A

Color : Colorless to Amber
Freezing Point : -18.33°C
pH : 7 – 9

IntegriFluids Max 5 and Max 10 Clay Stabilization

The IntegriFluids Max line of fluids are engineered fluids designed for superior downhole clay stabilization targeted at preventing both fines migration and hydration of reactive clays (swelling). The IntegriFluids Max line has all-natural, dual functional biopolymers that both encapsulate and interact with reservoir colloids, allowing for the optimization of completion fluids by combating two issues with one product. IntegriFluids Max 5 and IntegriFluids Max 10 are unique functionalized fluids that are specifically designed to control clay swelling and fines migration. The electronically optimized substituents engineered on our biopolymer backbone electronically interacts with clays, anchoring the molecule for the encapsulation process. The IntegriFluids Max line is proven to be a top performer at low treatment concentrations.

Downhole Clay Stabilization Features

• Improves production by reducing permeability.
• Minimize well bore damage and maximize production efficiency.

• Prevents clay swelling and fines migration.
• Rapid capillary suction time and rapid clay inhibition.

Capillary Suction Time Ratio

clay stabilization

These are compiled CST results from multiple Envirotx products compared to multiple percentag-es of KCl. The fluids were evaluated using samples from the Wolfcamp shale formation in Texas. CST results indicate IntegriFluids Max 10 is the strongest performer at reducing CST when compared to the standard percentages of KCl. IntegriFluids Max 5 was the second strongest performer in this regard.

Contact Angle Sample 1 Composite Plot

Contact Angle Sample 1 Composite Plot

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