3rd Rock Renewables – Mechanical Concrete®


“One mile, 20-feet wide, of Mechanical Concrete road diverts approx. 17,000 cylinders –
85 tons – of waste tires from landfills into a sustainable, performing green asset”


Utilizing a patented system termed “Mechanical Concrete”, which is a geocell confined aggregate technology developed by career civil engineer Sam Bonasso (Former Secretary of West Virginia Department of Transportation and Deputy Administrator Research and Innovative Technology under President George W. Bush}, we can show you how to build roads and surfaces which are:

A. Better Structurally

B. Requires up to 75% Less Maintenance

C. Less Expensive to Construct

D. Longer Life Span

E. Buildable Anytime and Anywhere

F. Usable in Most All Weather

G. Environmentally Friendly

*When compared to Conventional/Comparable Building Methods

What Exactly is Mechanical Concrete?

Recycled Steel Belted Cylinder

Assemble Your Geogrid

Duplicate This Thousands Of Times

Fill Your Grid With Aggregate

How Mechanical Concrete Works

  • Gravity & Loads on Particles Create
  • Soil Pressure Reaction Also
  • Creates & Transmits Lateral Pressure
  • (TDC) Mechanical Concrete Cylinder Direct Lateral Support for Particles (⇒ ⇐)

Fundamental Advantages of Mechanical Concrete

  • Reduces construction costs and long-term maintenance costs

  • Fast to construct with 3 times the load supporting capacity

  • Usable immediately post construction

  • No water needed to construct

  • Buildable in any weather environment

  • Suitable for roads, parking lots, drilling pads, ditch lines and shoulder barriers

  • Supports Loads of 100-200 PSIG depending on aggregate

  • Does not inhibit fluid drainage

  • AASHTO # 57 Aggregate (Spec aggregate) is not compactable, no compacting needed after cylinder loading. Other aggregates require compacting  after cylinder filling.

Other Benefits

  • Approved and in-use by the West Virginia Department of Highways with completed projects in CA, AZ, OH, & TX.

  • Generic specification allows local road contractors to bid work

  • In use since 2006 – to date over 1.5 million truck passes with no MC failure!

  • MC design allows for phasing of road construction (Pic 1)

  • MC design delivers structural stability to the edge of the surface (Pic 2)

  • Meets TCEQ definition for “Beneficial Use of Scrap Tires”

  • Helps meet Corporate Green or renewable Initiatives

Mechanical Concrete – Patent and Trademark Licensor

Mechanical Concrete Technology R & D

Basic Designs, Details, Specs and Standards

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