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Envirotx is a Texas and Oklahoma DOT vendor and supplier of innovative, cutting-edge, materials and technologies for highway/road construction and maintenance.  We specialize in products which have a much smaller carbon footprint, are safer to use and perform better than traditional materials – more economically.  In addition to unique products used in initial construction, Envirotx provides a wide array of preventative and corrective maintenance materials to a variety of Industrial and Commercial Property Development, Mining and Oilfield Operations, and governmental entities, such as DOTs, Counties, Cities, etc., etc.

We provide products, and technical services, covering the full spectrum of building and maintaining the working platforms, which support all travel surfaces, up through the final driving, walking, and performing surfaces. More specifically, Envirotx addresses issues related to sub-grade and base construction and maintenance, asphalt and concrete pavement construction, pro-active preventative maintenance, reactive corrective maintenance, real-time, professional grade, roadway surveys to collect road quality data to monitor road degradation over time – enabling proactive vs. reactive road maintenance, and Technical Training Services.


Texas 8725 Calera Drive Austin, TX 78735

Phone: (972) 998-7315
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Gene Bridges

VP Product Development & Compliance 8725 Calera Drive Austin, TX 78735

(214) 415 1111

Stephen Nash

CFO 8725 Calera Dr.
Austin, Texas 78735


John Cary

Sales 8725 Calera Drive Austin, TX 78735

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Scott Speer

Managing Member 8725 Calera Dr.
Austin, Texas 78735

(512) 779 4055

Dave Cutting

Business Development Manager 8725 Calera Drive Austin, TX 78735

(713) 392 8035

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