Gator-Aid® GO Crack Filler 

Gator-Aid® GO is the only crack filler and surface sealer in one. An asphaltic emulsion blend of mineral fillers, recycled shingles, plasticizers and HDPE fibers designed specially to fill wider cracks; repair alligatored and raveled areas AND provide a sealed wear surface in just one application. Gator-Aid® GO dries jet black in color and has superior application advantages in that it can be applied with just a paint roller while a spray wand/truck or squeegee machine can be used for commercial applications. No job is too small or too large! It is ready to use on asphaltic surfaces such as driveways, streets, highways, parking lots, athletic courts and walkways. This product features excellent color retention and chemical resistance to de-icing salts, gasoline, oil, and other automotive chemicals.

• EZ to use – Applies like paint – NO squeegee or crack filler needed saving time and money
• Walk ready in 1 hour and Drive ready in 2 hours
• Insta-Dri® Technology – Cures in temperatures down to 40°F
• Non-skid surface
• Stays jet black season after season
• One coat protection – extremely durable and flexible
• Remains flexible in freezing temperatures and does not soften or track even in temperatures exceeding 300°F
• ZERO VOC, coal tar free, PAH compliant, soap and water cleanup

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To ensure proper adhesion and promote maximum service life, clean the entire asphalt surface making sure it is free of dirt, debris, oil, and grease. Trim any grass or weeds overgrowing onto the surface. Clean out all cracks and holes. Remove any remaining dirt and debris by sweeping with a stiff bristled broom or blower. Scrub oil, gas spots, stains and rinse with water. 


Apply when air and surface temperatures are between 40-100°F (4-38°C). The surface temperature should not exceed 100°F (38°C) and no rain or freezing temperatures should be forecasted for 48 hours. Do not use when the surrounding air and surface temperatures fall below 40°F (4°C). Do not dilute.

Gator-Aid® GO will set under good conditions in several hours, depending on weather and filler thickness. Surface should be ready for foot traffic in 1 hour and vehicular traffic in 2 hours for straight-line driving; driveways and parking lots should be given 6-8 hours minimum (24 hours preferably) due to power steering forces placed upon the pavement. Allow more time at cooler temperatures and for poor surfaces. To improve uniform coverage on badly worn surface, a second coat may be needed. Do not mix or blend this product with any other coating product. Dry times are based on 77°F and 50% relative humidity.

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