Envirotx Prime

What is Asphalt Emulsion?

Envirotx Prime, TX DOT Approved is a modified asphalt emulsion, which penetrates and rejuvenates aged asphalt restoring plasticity, ductility and other properties lost through aging. It is formulated to withstand freeze-thaw cycles, and remain ductile with aging and provide resilience under extreme climatic conditions.

Envirotx Asphalt Emulsion Benefits:


*TX DOT approved as Prime Coat Binder
*Ambient temperature storage and usage – NO heat required – worker safe
*Environmentally safe – NO VOCs
*Approved for year-round use in Non-Ozone Attainment Zones
*Product waste eliminated
*Storage stable in concentrate, and diluted form
*Asphalt distributor application
*Water truck application
*Hand-held equipment application
*Available in 250-gal totes to full truckloads
*Simply “dilute and shoot”

The operative word for Envirotx Prime is versatility – because of its year-round usage in multiple applications! Because of its year ’round usage in multiple applications! Envirotx Prime is used as a penetrating surface treatment and restorative seal to replace lost fines, seal off pavement surface from air and water intrusion, and seal off cracks. Envirotx Prime is also used for tacking, pothole repairs, alligator cracking repairs, crack filling, dust/erosion control, CTB cure, base sealing-curing-priming, and patch sealing to prevent oxidation and edge cracking (de-bonding) of pavement repairs.

Envirotx Prime is specifically formulated to process into high PI soils, sub-grades and bases to retard “3-D Swell” to help maintain structural integrity.  Also, Envirotx Prime works well with “high water absorption” materials, such as Recycled Crushed Concrete, all of which makes it ideal to use in pugging operations to pre-coat Recycled Asphalt Pavement (RAP), Recycled Concrete Pavement (RCP) and other base materials.

asphalt emulsion

Envirotx Asphalt Emulsion is a multiple-use product:

*Fog Sealing
*Crack filling
*Pothole patching
*Alligator repairs
*Extending the life of asphalt patches
*Dust/erosion control

*Base priming – cut-in and topical
*Sub-grade and base stabilization
*Surface Seals
*Cement-treated base curing
*Pothole patching
*Recycled Asphalt Pavement (RAP) and Recycled Concrete Pavement (RCP) treatments