Patch N Pave Asphalt

What is Patch N Pave?

Waller County Asphalt Patch N Pave is an all Season pre-coated patching mixture “ASPPM” Grade IV and requires no tack coat and can be used on both asphalt and concrete surfaces. It can be utilized as a “surface mix” over newly compacted base materials as an alternative to Hot Mix Asphalt. This material not only performs in wet/cold conditions, but it will out perform any high performance cold mix material in the industry!

Patch and Pave Benefits:

patch n pave* NO tack coat required
* Use on both asphalt and concrete surfaces

* Can be used as a surface mix over stabilized base
* Placed, and performs, in wet/cold conditions
* Place, compact and immediately open to traffic
* 1 year Stockpile life
* All weather workability and consistent year around
* Available on BuyBoard® Cooperative Purchasing

One of the most respected and experienced manufacturers of ASPPM Grade IV Performance Cold Mix Asphalt in the industry, with over 9 distributors in Texas who are all approved producers on the TxDot Material Producer List. Pathc N Pave High Performance Cold Mix Asphalt requires no tack coat and can be used with both asphalt and concrete surfaces. If conditions dictate you can even apply the Cold Mix Product under water! If applied properly Cold Mix product is equivalent or exceeds hot mix asphalt and leaves you the option of opening the application to traffic immediately.

Waller County Asphalt track record and service history speak for themselves. If you want to save time, money, improve worker performance and never see your investment go to waste, then visit their site today and they will be happy to come and personally see you.

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