SealFleX™ 6690 for Asphalt 

What is SealFleX™ 6690?

SealFlex 6690 is a cold pour, ready to use crack seal/filler that exceeds the specification for hot melt crack sealants, ASTM 6690, in both performance and durability. It provides a lasting and flexible seal with the ease of installation of self-leveling pourable materials. SealFleX™ 6690 is the ONLY product that meets both ASTM D6690 (Standard Specification for Joint and Crack Sealants, Hot Applied, for Concrete and Asphalt Pavements) and ASTM C920 (Standard Specification for Elastomeric Joint Sealants).

SealFleX™ 6690 Benefits

  • Tolerates limited dampness of surface or reservoir
  • Cleaning can be completed with just water in uncured state – NO SOLVENTS needed before curing
  • Used for both joints/seams and cracksealing (NO routing or backer rod installation required on cracks)
  • Lower cost barrier to entry with ability to use double-diaphragm drum pump and NO costly melter repairs
  • Greater ability to withstand high heat environments without softening, tracking or “bleeding” through
  • Surpasses D6690 Type II requirements with Type IV performance characteristics in extremely cold environments
  • NO “speed bumps” created when pavement expands in summer
  • Is self-adhesive (unlike silicone) allowing additional product to be applied to correct mistakes