Speed Set Asphalt

TrowelPave Asphalt – Speed Set is a plasticomposite, cold mix asphalt patching repair product. The patented technology is commonly used for parking lot and street repairs that require limited downtime for vehicle traffic. TrowelPave Asphalt contains a mix of fine gradation aggregate ideal for repairing alligator cracks, building free-form access ramps, and filling shallow depressions. The blended patching material cures up to 3 times stronger than traditional hot mix asphalt (HMA) and up to 9 times stronger than cold patch, yet it maintains flexibility to withstand shifting and resists flow.

Speed Set Concrete

TrowelPave Concrete – Speed Set contains an ultra-fine aggregate mix suited for variable depth, feather edge repairs like sidewalk trip hazards, expansion joints, and cracks. It is a plasticomposite, cold mix concrete patching repair product. The patented application process is commonly used for sidewalk, parking lot, and street repairs that require limited downtime for pedestrian and vehicle traffic. The blended patching material cures as strong as residential concrete yet it maintains flexibility to withstand surface material and subbase shift without cracking.

Speed Set Heavy Traffic Concrete

TrowelPave Heavy Traffic Concrete is a high compressive strength plasticomposite concrete patch designed for freeway, airport runway, and military road repairs. At well over 6000 PSI compressive strength once cured, the patching material also remains flexible and resistant to cracking. It can be used for transitions, ramps, lifted edges and sidewalk repair where strength and durability is a must. Fast setting TrowelPave Heavy Traffic patch reduces downtime after repairs to keep vehicle and equipment traffic moving safely.

Top Coat Tack Coat

Top Coat Tack Coat is a life cycle maintenance product used on TrowelPave Concrete and Asphalt repairs. The dual purpose coating dramatically increases adhesion to the repair surface and significantly reduces abrasion of the plasticomposite patching material when used as a top coat for maintenance. Top Coat Tack Coat- Concrete is recommended for use on city sidewalk repairs and any municipal or commercial project with high volume pedestrian, bicycle, or vehicle traffic. Note- Asphalt is Tack Coat only.

5-Year Pot Hole Patch Asphalt & Concrete

5-Year Pothole Patch is the strongest pothole patch in the world! The fast setting plasticomposite patching material meets the most stringent demands for repairing vertical wall potholes in high volume traffic areas such as freeways, airport runways, bridges, and military equipment roads. With required mechanical compaction, 5-Year Pothole Patch cures to a compressive strength value up to 6500 PSI. Highways, streets, and parking lots can be opened for use immediately after compaction, making it a fast and strong asphalt or concrete repair solution. Available in Runway Grade Asphalt and Highway Grade Concrete.


TrowelPave Speed Set Asphalt

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