What is Biorestor® Asphalt Rejuvenator?

Asphalt pavements are termed as flexible pavements, which are constructed of thin layers of asphalt cement over stone bases or other asphalt layers. All layers are intended to flex to accommodate vehicle weight and provide an undamaged surface for driving. Over time these layers become brittle and inflexible causing them to crack under heavier loads. BIORESTOR® asphalt rejuvenator penetrates the asphalt cement by introducing agriculture oils that soften it, renewing flexibility.

BIORESTOR® is a restorative asphalt modifier that has been shown to increase a pavements life cycle by up to 40%! It is developed from bio-based oils with a synthetic polymer modification, to create an environmentally sustainable road treatment. With the application of BIORESTOR® just after paving, the pavement lifespan can be dramatically increased, saving money for the customer!

Biorestor® Asphalt Rejuvenator Benefits:

asphalt rejuvenator

*Reduces cracking

*Increases flexibility

*Decreases viscosity (Brittleness)

*Increases penetration (Softness)

*Reduces ravel & pot-holes

*Field tested since 2004

*Test verified from American Standard Testing

Why Biorestor® Asphalt Rejuvenator?

Without asphalt preservation and preventative maintenance, repaving is inevitable in a relatively short period of time. At only a fraction of the cost of paving, BIORESTOR® preserves and protects asphalt pavements ensuring the longevity and quality of your paved investment. Time and testing have shown that using a rejuvenator such as BIORESTOR®, before asphalt breaks down, provides communities the opportunity to use their road monies more efficiently and expand their annual pavement preservation goals. It is cheaper and easier to take care of a good road than to save a bad one. Good roads are expensive, but bad roads ultimately cost more!

BIORESTOR® Asphalt Rejuvenator is applied to the surface by trained applicators, utilizing a precise spray system. The treatment is applicable to new as well as older pavements in good condition. BIORESTOR® can be used as a construction seal on newer pavements as part of the pavement contract and again 4-5 years later to provide cost savings and add years to the life cycle of asphalt surface.

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