Aquaphalt is the first premixed, permanent patch that can be laid directly from its container—no repeat repairs and overhead costs are required. No need to mobilize large crews and equipment, Aquaphalt is simply poured into the area to be repaired, leveled with a rake or trowel, sprinkled with water and compacted with a hand-tamper or roller. Its proprietary “green” binder reacts and hardens with only water, unlike other asphalt patching products containing toxic petroleum-based solvents. From roadways to driveways, keeping it green, one patch at a time.





It is simple. First, clean any loose debris out of the damaged area. If there remains a bit of water left in the hole, do not worry, the new material will displace it and residual water will help with the reaction. Open the bucket and pour the Aquaphalt into the hole. If it is a particularly large or deep hole, compact the repair in layers of 2 inches deep until the area is full. Level the material, then pour plain water onto the entire surface of your Aquaphalt, covering your material. Lastly, compact the material well.

pot hole repair

Why Aquaphalt?

Traditional petroleum-based cold patch could be free, but if it doesn’t work it’s wasting your customers’ time and money. Aquaphalt is the first permanent patch material designed to be truly permanent. Aquaphalt can be installed year round in any season and any weather condition: Rain or shine, hot or cold. Aquaphalt is easy to install requiring only a bucket of water and a hand tamper. Aquaphalt is backed by our three year warranty.


  • Permanent, backed by a 3 year warranty
  • Environmentally friendly, no VOC’s whatsoever
  • Sets-up with only water
  • Can be installed in below freezing temperatures
  • Open to traffic right away and will be cured by the next day
  • No need for large crews or special tools
  • Core hole patching for highway contractors
  • VDOT, MDOT, NCDOT, SCDOT, FLDOT, GADOT, TNDOT, approved (along with many others)

How is Aquaphalt “Environmentally Friendly”?

Unlike other asphalt repair products containing toxic solvents, Aquaphalt has a proprietary , plant-base binder which is completely safe to the environment and contains absolutely no VOCs! Being comprised of traditional aggregate (stone) and a proprietary, plant-based binder and vegetable oil, the binder reacts with plain water during application and sets up to form a permanent repair.