Roadway Management Technologies

Roadway Management Technologies

RMT, the smart solution for roadway management technologies. Passively collect your own road data for real-time professional grade surveys at an affordable price. Our fully automated system collects daily road quality data and reports to our online servers. We analyze visual data in real time, allocating resources to prevent costly future repairs. All information is stored in a unified cloud-based database for easy review and reporting.

RMT uses automated surveys to provide cities and counties with objective, affordable, real-time information about their road quality. We begin by mounting proprietary hardware systems underneath your city or county-owned vehicles. While the vehicles are used in daily routine, these sensors collect vibration data, which can be used to measure the roughness and quality of each road.This vibration data can also be used to identify key locations in need of repair, such as potholes. This data is collectively translated into useful information and presented in an interactive map, where stretches of road are compared, ranked by quality, and color-coded on our web-based platform.

HOW IT WORKS:roadway management technologies

1. Choose the city or county vehicles you wish to use for data gathering
2. Our certified installer mounts our hardware systems underneath the chosen vehicles
3. Our system passively collects road condition data with every trip taken by each vehicle
4. View information in a simple, intuitive, map-driven online platform
5. Use map filters to review only the most relevant information for the task at hand
6. Use data gathered to make informed decisions and plan for the future



Along with our automated surveying functionality, we’ve built a data management and record keeping system that is integrated with the online map. By clicking a location on the map, custom work orders can be created for tasks such as pothole repairs, ditch cleanouts, sign repairs, and everything else a city or county administrator may run across in their daily interactions with citizens and infrastructure. This functionality can be tailored across nearly any city or government department. Work orders can be dispatched out to crews across the city or county, and when they’ve completed the task they can record all maintenance information, photos, and related expenditures directly on our platform from any internet connected device. As maintenance information is entered, we compile an invaluable database where you can generate custom spending, maintenance effort, and disaster relief reports. By utilizing our inventory tracking feature, your departments can easily see who possesses tools and/or other tracked items, as well as any maintenance records and expenses associated to those items.Our easy-to-use web platform can be accessed from any computer, phone, or tablet connected to the internet.



Driver Notifications:
• Speeding

• Idling
• Geofencing


Vehicle Notifications:
• Oil Change

• Transmission
• Tire Rotation

Note: Vehicles must be mounted with sensors to receive automated notifications. Vehicles without sensors may be added in system to track maintenance/repair records at no additional cost.

Because our hardware is already equipped with a GPS unit, we can provide basic fleet management functionality at a lower price than the competition. We provide driver safety and activity reporting, as well as vehicle preventative maintenance notifications. All maintenance and repair records are stored directly in our database, allowing custom reports to be generated by maintenance type or vehicle.

$49 per vehicle per month

$9 per vehicle per month*

*Agencies must be subscribed to Automated Survey services in order to use Task/Data Management and Fleet Management Services. Number of vehicles for all services will be determined by number of vehicles used for Automated Survey service. Note: Contracts prepaid annually will receive a 2% discount.

Please contact Gene Bridges for more information:  (214) 415 1111, eMail: