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Patch N Pave

Patch N Pave is an all Season pre-coated patching mixture “ASPPM” grade IV and requires no tack coat and can be used on both asphalt and concrete surfaces. It can be utilized as a “surface mix” over newly compacted base materials as an alternative to Hot Mix Asphalt. This material not only performs in wet/cold conditions, but it will out perform any high performance cold mix material in the industry!

• TX DOT Approved since 2008
• NO tack coat required
• Use on both asphalt and concrete surfaces
• Can be used as a surface mix over stabilized base
• Placed, and performs, in wet/cold conditions
• Place, compact and immediately open to traffic
• Stockpile life – guaranteed for 1 year
• All weather workability and consistent year around
• Available in bulk and 60 lb. bags
• Professionally manufactured and available at 9 locations across Texas and 3 in Oklahoma
• Available on BuyBoard® Cooperative Purchasing