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Deicing & Anti-Icing Solutions

Stop snow and ice from bonding to your surfaces while accelerating melting

Whatever your deicing or anti-icing challenge, we offer a full suite of high performing products to prevent snow and ice from bonding to road and walkway surfaces. We have both granular and liquid products and we deliver unique and highly-effective solutions that will give you peace of mind, knowing your surfaces are clear. Our product suite is diverse and extensive, so if you’re not sure exactly what you’re looking for, we encourage you to navigate to your region or to reach out to us directly for more direction.

Meltdown 20

Meltdown 20, is a fast-acting deicing compound, ideal for general highway and street deicing. In the first 30 minutes after application, Meltdown 20 effectively melts more snow and ice than white salt.

Meltdown 20 is easier on equipment and infrastructure since it is at least 20% less corrosive than white salt. As a natural blend, Meltdown 20 will not stain concrete or asphalt.


MeltDown 20 is a highly effective deicer (see glossary below) used to aggressively melt ice and snow

MeltDown 20 is an exceptional anti-icer (see glossary below) that can be applied before the freeze on wet pavement. It will dissolve as it bonds with the existing precipitation and create a high performance brine, preventing the ice and snow from forming for an indeterminate amount of time.

MD20 melts to 10F

MD20 absorbs several times more moisture than sodium chloride lb for lb

MD20 dissolves several times faster than salt

MD20 gradation is 1/4” and under. By design, MD20 has a mixture of fines, 1/8” and 1/4”. The fines provide quicker dissolving action while the larger pieces create traction and take longer to dissolve, giving you a fast acting deicer with staying power.

Pound for pound as compared to salt, MD20 is 70-80% less corrosive.

However, the relative impact per lane mile is much better, due to the fact that MD20 spread rates are an average of 20% of the volume of salt, i.e. 1000 lb vs 200 lb per lane mile. 1000 lbs of highly corrosive salt vs 200 lbs of MD20 is much less impactful than 70-80%.

Approximate spread rates are recommended after a consultation. They can vary depending on the end users capabilities, i.e. number of spreaders, manpower, storage locations and cycle times.

Furthermore, the levels of precipitation, temperature fluctuations and length of storm can all affect the amount applied and number of applications. Having said that, we have cut down spread rates by 50-90%. The aggressive capabilities and hygroscopic (see glossary below) nature of the MeltDown 20 immediately adhere it to the precipitation on the pavement, drastically reducing bounce and scatter (see glossary below) and enabling a much lighter spread rate.

Meltdown 20 is a melting agent so more is not better. Dry abrasives like salt, chat and sand don’t adhere very well, bouncing and getting blown off the road, so lots of material is required (800-1200 lbs per lane mile is not unusual). You don’t need traction when you are melting the snow and ice with MeltDown 20.

MeltDown 20 can be delivered in:
Bulk  – 25 ton bellydump or enddump

2500 lb supersacs – 18-20 pallets/bags per flatbed. Sacs are forklift friendly

50 lb bags – 50 bags per pallet and 18-20 pallets per flatbed

MD20 is water soluble and can be washed off of skin with soap and water.

MD20 is highly hygroscopic and will dry out skin, leather boots and gloves if left unattended. Proper equipment maintenance should be followed as it is still slightly corrosive as compared to salt.

Preferably, bagged material should be kept inside or at least tarped and always left on pallets. Humidity controlled storage is preferable in humid climates. Bulk piles should be under covered storage and kept away from rain. The exterior of the pile will draw moisture and create a protective shell that can be easily broken up. We do not recommend turning the pile over unnecessarily, but rather waiting until hours before application to load the trucks.

MeltDown 20’s light spread rates can greatly increase your response time, as you will be covering as many as 5 times the lane miles per spreader. Additionally, utilizing anti-icing practices can create an even safer environment for the operators and public. MeltDown 20 creates operational freedom, giving you the time and capability to cover more area, and retreat high profile areas sooner.

The faster and more efficient your response time, the quicker the roads get covered and the safer the traveling public will be. It stands to argue that less accidents will occur if you treat the roads faster.

TXDOT Wichita Falls reported a savings of 250K in guardrail repair alone in one calendar year. Less accidents saves lives.

The Pacific Northwest Snowfighters (PNS) is a group of Pacific Northwest state transportation agencies dedicated to researching, lab and field testing deicing and anti-icing products. PNS has been at the forefront of high performance deicing testing, research and approval for many years and are the highest industry accreditation achievable in the US.

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A liquid anti-icing and deicing product that delivers unmatched melting performance at lower temperatures and provides longer cycle times between routes by decreasing snow. Apex delivers a 12°F improvement in freeze point over any other liquid deicer. This performance enhanced magnesium chloride (MgCl2) brine not only produces results at lower temperatures, it also improves the ability to combat snow and ice buildup on road surfaces. Apex can be used as a stand-alone product or blended with salt to expedite snow and ice melt and enhance traction.

Applied in a stream pattern, Apex quickly penetrates vertically through the snow pack and breaks the bond at the road surface


AMP is a liquid inhibitor and salt brine enhancer and breakthrough in deicing technology. Because salt brine alone is prone to drying out and being swept from the road’s surface, they have very identifiable performance limitations. AMP increases how effectively the product bonds to the surface and creates safer road conditions. It also boosts melting power by lowering the product’s freezing point (1:1) from 18℉ to 11℉, and decreases corrosion by 70% as compared to rock salt. AMP has undergone extensive testing to validate its effectiveness and clearly define how it is best utilized.

Ice Slicer CB

Ice Slicer CB is a specially formulated blend with an enhanced deicing agent, proven to ignite Ice Slicer’s powerful melting capacities. Ice Slicer CB comes with added corrosion inhibitors to protect equipment and structural steel. Ice Slicer CB meets PNS specifications.

Ice Slicer CB is a blend of 92% – 98% complex chlorides (sodium, magnesium, calcium, potassium) with anti-caking and anti-freezing agents that won’t leach. Store in a dry location and apply with a V-box spreader.  Ice Slicer CB can be ordered bulk, or in 2,000 and 2,500 lb super bags.


Ice Slicer is a unique blend of natural chloride’s, environmental buffers, trace minerals and micro nutrients. Ice slicer is an exceptional deicing material, anti-icing material on wet pavement and a high powdered brining salt.

Ice Slicer melts about four times as much ice and snow in the first 10 minutes, which is the most crucial window of danger. Ice Slicer melts down to 5° F, as compared to salt which melts very slowly at its best(high 20s) and is barely perceivable lower than that.

Ice Slicer’s natural reddish color accelerates the melting process by absorbing 50% more of the sun’s radiant energy than white deicing products. it’s dark color is a result of the micro nutrients, not dirt or insoluble‘s There is no staining after application, as the Ice Slicer dissipates, leaving a negligible residue. Ice slicer’s dark color signals to motorist that roads have been treated.

Ice Slicer delivers enhanced traction by melting the ice and snow, eliminating the need for sand and abrasives.

Despite it’s natural reddish brown color, Ice Slicer is a clean deicer and brining solution, with less than 1% insolubles, that dissipates after dilution leaving no residue or staining.

Ice Slicer’s hygroscopic nature promotes its adhesion to the precipitation on the road, enabling it to bond at impact, not bounce and scatter to the shoulders.

Ice Slicer’s aggressive melting capabilities cut through the ice and snow, creating bare pavement, eliminating the need for excess abrasives. On average, dry spread rates are cut by at least 50% and as much as 75%. Brining spread rates are generally the same with any brining material.

Ice Slicer significantly reduces application rates and frequency, subsequently reducing sediment loading on roads and nearby streams.

Ice Slicer is naturally 30% to 50% less corrosive than normal sodium chloride pound for pound. However, when considering the corrosive impact, the reduced spread rate greatly accentuates the corrosion component. These benefits are equally applicable to brine as well as dry product.

Ice Slicer is a highly effective melting product meant to be spread lightly, equating into less product applied, which melts and dissipates, leaving negligible cleanup. Txdot Austin determined they spent $400 per ton collecting and disposing of their post storm debris of salt and sand. Less Salt and abrasives on the road means less corrosive components clogging finger joints in bridge structures, clogging sewer lines and creating air quality issues for days or weeks.

Ice Slicer CB is available in bulk (25 tons) and super sacks (2500 pounds).

The multitude of benefits provided by Ice Slicer creates a multitude of savings, some more easily quantified than others. Less spread rates means faster response times, which equates to less accidents, which saves lives. No abrasives means no cleanup which means huge savings from less product in finger joints and sewers and cleaner air and water. Less product applied means less inventory needed, which means less storage is necessary, creating significant savings.

Ice Slicer is located near the West Texas border, providing the Region with a massive deposit which is readily available.

Allow us the opportunity to ask you a series of questions specific to your deicing operation, which will provide us with the data we need to give you an idea of what Ice Slicer can do for you.

Ice Slicer Material Safety Data Sheet
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Industry Terminology / Glossary:

Deicer – any granular our liquid product used to melt ice and snow after it has frozen and accumulated on the pavement

Anti-icer –
any liquid or granular melting agent applied to the pavement before the freeze to keep the ice and snow from forming for an indeterminate amount of time prior to deicing. Liquids may be applied hours before or a day or two before. Granular anti-icers should be applied to wet pavement before the freeze to prevent bounce and scatter

Hygroscopic –
the ability of a substance to retain and absorb moisture from the environment

Bounce and scatter – a term used to describe what happens when dry aggregates and poor melting agents like salt are applied to the pavement. They don’t adhere to the ice and snow and are consequently blown off and scattered to the shoulder as they are applied and by the traveling public.