Envirotx has teamed up with Asphalt Plus, LLC to continue the commercialization of ECR

Envirotx has teamed up with Asphalt Plus, LLC (https://asphaltplus.com/) to continue the commercialization of ECR. ECR (Chemically Engineered Crumb Rubber) is considered, and treated as, a Dry Mix Modifier, which is added directly into the mixing chamber like a fine aggregate. At the hot mix plant, ECR is loaded through a fiber feeder, with a four-inch hose, typically directly into the RAP collar. ECR produces SMA, OGFC, Dense Grades, 4.75mm interlayers, and works extremely well with Balanced Mix Designs. The addition of ECR makes for a 2-grade bump per AASHTO specifications. ECR works extremely well with RAP and RAS.

Typically, specs are set up so the hot mix producer has the choice between SBS, Terminal Blend Rubber and Dry Blend. Dry Blend is usually chosen because it costs less. Paving contractors report there is no waste, very little stickiness – very easy to work with, and excellent in getting density.

First project placed in 2003, approaching 5 million tons produced in 10 states and 3 foreign countries, in climates from South Georgia, West Texas to Upper Peninsula Michigan, and points in between. Over 1 million tons in Georgia.

How much ECR to use – typically 8% to 10% of liquid binder. This does not displace any liquid binder content, like other GTR modified liquid binders, but is added on top of.

• Eliminates the need for fibers
• No Warm Mix needed
• No antistrip needed
• Allows for use of more recyclables
• Typical cost comparison – less than SBS, by 30% or more.
• Currently working with TX DOT to produce more Asphalt Plus ECR in Texas.

For more information, call Gene Bridges at 214-415-1111, or email gbridges@envirotx.com