Envirotx and KLP Construction Partnership

KLP Construction Supply and Envirotx Partner up to Expand Construction/Maintenance Technologies

KLP Construction Supply and Envirotx Roadway and Site Solutions, both based in Texas, are pleased to announce that they are partnering up to accelerate the advancement and distribution of their various construction, and maintenance, technologies to the highway construction industries across several states. Both companies serve state DOTs, cities, counties, industrial, and commercial markets.

KLP was founded in 2012 by Sisters, Nathali Parker and Karen Parker Rogers, who started the process of building a solid foundation in their hometown of Round Rock, TX to launch their construction supply company that today has 5 stocking locations in Texas and 1 in California.

Envirotx was founded by Clay, and his son Scott, Speer in 1993 by supplying anti-icing, and deicing, products to the Texas DOT, and other entities responsible for keeping the roadways open, and safe during icy winter events.

This collaboration will increase the manufacture and sale of:

Construction and Maintenance Supplies, Fabrication and Engineered Solutions, Roadway and Bridge Materials

GMCO’s Torch Deicing Products

Torch Deicing

Various ice melt/deicing products produced from pure, high-level chlorides.

Asphalt Plus Elastiko®  ECR

Engineered Crumb Rubber Asphalt

Chemically engineered crumb rubber additive
used in paving.

Biorestor® Pavement Restoration

Pavement Rejuvenator

A bio-based asphalt pavement rejuvenator.

Liquid Polymer Emulsions

Polymer Asphalt Emulsions

DOT-Approved pothole and patching materials, modified asphalt emulsions, ect.