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Elastiko ECR – Asphalt Plus

ELASTIKO Engineered Crumb Rubber Technology

Asphalt Plus is an ASTM -30 recycled crumb rubber (auto & truck tires) treated with ELASTIKO 100 in order to improve handling and workability characteristics of hot and warm asphaltic composites.


• Competitive to Wet Blend Rubber
• Better compaction and density
• Fewer compaction rollers
• Less equipment & labor
• No special storage required
• Non-stick for Plant Equipment
• Non-stick for Trucks & Lay Down
• Controlled Plant Feeder system
(within 0.2% tolerance)


There are over 3 million, and counting, tons of ECR laid in various climates and geographic areas improving:

• Roads life cycle cost
• Skid Resistance
• Contractor Profits
• Rutting resistance
• Crack Pinning
• Road Noise reduction


• Cost less than SBS modification
• ECR designed for your project
• Delivered to your plant site
• No on-site mixing of solids and binders
• No special binder tanks necessary
• No special product silos required
• Precise quality control
• Instant on/off capability
• No new environmental risk
• No workplace safety risks
• No special placement equipment
• No major production process change
• Brings green to your bottom line