Environmental Impact

In addition to being a smart investment of your organization’s budget and resources, Envirotx Products are a smart investment in our environmental future. With our products your organization saves time and money and serves today’s environmental responsibilities by recycling existing road, reducing wasteful and harmful byproducts, and employing materials that are environmentally friendly. Need to meet your areas stringent environmental regulations? You’re in the right place.

Product specific environmental characteristics are summarized below:

Meltdown 20®
When you spread salt and sand there is a great expense in cleaning it up – after the freeze has ended all the leftover sand and salt have to be swept up. Meltdown 20 ice control melts to infinity – there is no cleanup or environmental waste. MeltDown 20 is slightly moist, but with absolutely no leaching from the stockpile.

Top-Seal White®
Top-Seal White® is an all-purpose liquid soil stabilizer and additive that binds and transforms the base into a solid, yet flexible mass that resists fracturing. It prevents base failure, dust pollution and soil erosion, and it increases soil strength and reduces its permeability. Top-Seal White is a polymer-based emulsion that requires water dilution. It is non-petroleum-based and eco-friendly, evaporating only water during the curing process and emitting no volatile organic compounds (VOCs). It does not contain solvents or cause damage to roads or vehicles. It is easily applied, requiring no special equipment or handling procedures.

EnviRoad Gard™ DC (CBSMS-1S)
The inhalation of dust is one of the most important causes of ill-health related to work. Dust is responsible for serious and disabling diseases, ranging from cancers to asthma and bronchitis. Environmental hazards include erosion and water pollution. EnviRoad Gard™ DC (CBSMS-1S) dust control greatly reduces the harmful dust particulate in our human and natural environment. EnviRoad Gard™ DC (CBSMS-1S) makes working environments safe for personnel – saving lost time in medical leave and expensive health insurance premiums. EnviRoad Gard™ DC (CBSMS-1S) reduces environmental hazard, and reduces watering costs by up to 50% over a 3 year period.

EnviRoad Base (CBSMS-1S)
When a roadway must be replaced, you can use EnviRoad Base to fully reclaim your road using your existing pavement as a renewable resource. EnviRoad Base road building system is environmentally friendly: It meets environmental standards for toxins, solvents and other harmful substances and it will not leach or migrate into ground water.

EnviRoad Gard™ PS (CBSMS-1S)
If you’re in a non-attainment area you can’t emit beyond a certain level of VOCs: Instead of using MC30 in metropolitan non-attainment areas use EnviRoad Gard™ PS (CBSMS-1S) Prime Seal — it’s safe for the environment and safer for your personnel!