EnviRoad Gard™ PS (CBSMS-1S)


Emulsion for road base prime cure

Purpose To Bond and Waterproof.

Introduction EnviRoad Gard™ PS is a cationic modified petroleum resin and asphalt emulsion to be used as a Prime Seal that is mixed with water (at a rate of one part EnviRoad Gard™ PS to five parts water) then applied to the road.

Benefits EnviRoad Gard™ PS is environmentally friendly. It is easily applied and cures in 24 hours or less.

Dilution Ratio EnviRoad Gard™ PS is delivered in a liquid emulsion concentrate which is diluted with COLD or WARM potable or non-potable water.

Prime Dilute: 1 part EnviRoad Gard™ PS to 5 parts water.

Application Rates .25 -.30 diluted gallons per sq. yard.

Cost Labor cost and time are greatly reduced when using EnviRoad Gard™ PS