EnviRoad Gard™ DC (CBSMS-1S)



This specification is for a polymer modified emulsion with wetting agents and long term diluting stabilizing agent to be used as a road base prime cure. Material to be diluted with cold or warm potable or non-potable water.


Emulsion Test
Viscosity Saybolt
Furol at 25 deg.c.Sec 0 150
Storage Stability test on Emulsion 1 day %- 1.0
Freeze cycle 3 cycle pass
Specific Gravity ASTM-D-244 0.96 1.06
Particle Charge Test Positive
Ph 3.0 7.5
SARA 3 ingredient level 0
Appearance Brown to light brown
Odor No objectionable odor
Diluted Sieve test Cold Water Dilution stability test
4 parts water to 1 part max sieve #40 1.0
Residue Test:
TCLP inorganics analysis on metals must be below EPA maximum levels, l and ll relationship test method analyzed 40 CFR, part 261
D004 5.0 PPM
D005 100.0 PPM
D006 1.0 PPM
D007 5.0 PPM
D008 5.0 PPM
D009 .2 PPM
D010 1.0 PPM
D011 5.0 PPM
Residue re-emulsi cation at 72 deg f 0 1.0
Residue by Evaporation, % by wt. 30 35
Kinematic Viscosity, 60c, cst 100