Meltdown 20®


We would like to inform you, our valued customer and end-user, of some improvements that have been made to an already exceptional product. Over the past several years, MeltDown 20’s usage has spread around the country to large number of state d.o.t.’s including the vast majority of the Texas Department of Transportation, tollway authorities, airports and municipalities within Texas. You resorted to MeltDown 20 in an effort to improve your level of service in fighting ice/snow while making the roads as safe as possible. Although MeltDown 20 receives positive reviews from virtually everyone that uses it, there are always enhancements that can be made to further increase such a product’s performance, safety and handling, which will consequently improve your effectiveness and efficiency. We have always taken your suggestions and comments to heart and these enhancements are proof of our commitment to continue to increase the value of our products and services to you and your operation.

Function MeltDown 20 draws moisture from the ice, snow and air to form a melting brine that breaks the bond between ice, snow and the road surface. The magnesium chloride portion immediately begins aggressively melting the ice while the percentage of red complex chloride acts as an abrasive and a slower melting agent, providing a fast-acting ice and snow fighting solution with longevity.

Anti-Caking Improvements have been made to guarantee a free-flowing product that is much less prone to caking.

Packaging We are beginning to deliver in bulk to this region. Our new anti-caking technology has enabled us to overcome humidity issues that forced us to bag in the past. Tarps or covered storage are necessary.

Shelf-Life Enhancements have also been made to extend the shelf-life of the corrosion inhibitor to beyond 5 years and the product’s performance capability to an indefinite period of time.

Corrosion MeltDown 20 has always exceeded the TXDot specification of 65% less corrosive than salt, and with recent enhancements is now achieving as high as 75% less corrosive than salt.

Leaching MeltDown 20 now has a permanently moist look to it, but stays suspended in the stockpile without any leaching.

Melting The moistness of the MeltDown 20 enables the product to convert into a brine faster than ever before.

Coverage The moistness of the MeltDown 20 promotes adhesion to the road surface, drastically reducing bounce and scatter.