Meltdown 20®

MeltDown 20 draws moisture from the ice, snow and air to form a melting brine that breaks the bond between ice, snow and the road surface. The magnesium chloride portion immediately begins aggressively melting the ice while the percentage of red complex chloride acts as an abrasive and a slower melting agent, providing a fast-acting ice and snow fighting solution with longevity.

On bridges, overpasses, streets, parking lots and sidewalks at places such as highways, hospitals, schools, fire stations, etc.

Use any size spreader that has the capability to apply or to be modified to apply at a rate of 100-150 lbs per lane mile. Hand-operated fertilizer spreaders are ideal for sidewalks and smaller applications.

100-150 lb per lane mile spread rate of MD20 vs. 500-1000 lbs per lane mile using salt/sand translates into a greater number of roads being treated much faster, resulting in a higher degree of safety and efficiency.

A darker neutral color allows the operator to see it and allows the product to absorb more light and heat than white salt, thus expediting the melting process even further.

A varied gradation ranging from small granules, which begin melting immediately, to 1/4 inch size particles that melt slower while creating a fastacting product with longevity.

MeltDown 20 is slightly moist, but with absolutely no leaching from the stockpile.

The moistness promotes adhesion to the road surface, drastically reducing bounce and scatter.

MeltDown 20 is free flowing with no caking.

Eutectic Point
MeltDown 20 is effective down to 0 F.

The magnesium chloride in the MeltDown 20 is an anti-spalling agent to concrete. Due to the low eutectic point of -10 F (the lowest temperature at which the material will melt ice), the number of freeze-thaw cycles while using MD20 is drastically reduced over those of typical road salt, which has a eutectic point of approximately +25 F. The lower eutectic point combined with the need for less material leads to less scaling and spalling.

75% less corrosive than salt as tested by TXDOT.

When adhering to proper spread rates, MeltDown 20 dissipates after usage, virtually eliminating costly clean-up.

Bulk (25 tons), 2500lb supersacs with forklift capability (1 per pallet) and 50 lb bags (49-56) per pallet.

Under normal conditions delivery can be made within a few days. During inclement weather the demand for the product is high, so we recommend ordering early and stockpiling enough to combat 2-3 storms.